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Instead of posting a life observation or management “how-to”, I thought this time around I would try a little free-hand posting, so to speak.  :)  It’s been such an roller coaster ride, to set up all the steps needed before diving into on-line freelancing, that it’s worth a moment or two to share.

This site you are on,, was the first site I put up.  And it was an experience.  I had never heard of  Wordpress, wasn’t sure how to work with it– was even a bit foggy on exactly how to organize the site.  But I did have a basic plan.  Having done quite a bit of reading (translate that into “research”), the basic path I wanted to follow was to start ghostwriting first, branch out into PRL’s and then into e-books.  That’s the basic path.     In between taking the basic steps:  submit article ideas to the more traditional, “hard copy” press, and then go on to explore affiliate marketing, maybe PInterest (new and upcoming social network), and whatever else crops up as I go forward.

This means– build at least one web site, which means decide on a web host.  Learn how to use WordPress– which I discovered had all kinds of free “plug-ins” to customize your site.. then there is the administrative details– paypal accounts, separate e-mails, email forwarders, twitter accounts, facebook updating– and the to-do list seems pretty endless!  Don’t even get me started on the “keyword search” criteria and methods– or even how to master “gimp”, so I can finally put up custom banners on the web site!

But for now– the reason I chose to start with ghostwriting, is that you can start doing it while you are still learning the other stuff– and it really is alot of stuff!  So, the ghostwriting website’s basics are up (  That site will have a customer feedback page and a paypal button, plus writingsamples and a “this is a business” introduction. will stay as a blog and practice, as well as article repository for the time being, and will most likely be morphed into the management “how-to” site.  But all the set-up for the ghostwriting site will be done within the week.. along with re-writing the web copy for a website for a friend who has hired me to do that (yeah– first job!).  So, busy week ahead. But since it is my very first week to dedicate to my new career path– I am looking forward to it.

I went out to dinner last Thursday with a group of friends– there were about 8 of us.  Now that I have been tossed out of the corporate life, they asked me what I was going to do.  I told them about this new path of mine– one I’ve wanted to try for a long time.  After the dinner, one of my friends came up to me and said–“you know– when you were talking about your new career, I’ve never heard you sound so happy.”  And so I am.  From this point on, succeed or fail– it’s all up to me.. but I know I can do this!

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Hi! I'm Vicki, and I'm a writer and an author. I write articles, blogs and author e-books both my own and as a ghostwriter. I'm a regular contributor to Squidoo (under VickiLeesBookshelf), and currently feature my own books on this blog site. I have over 20 years of management experience, which I'm currently incorporating into a professional series of books for first-time managers and supervisors, as well as working on my first fiction series ( mystery, set about 150 years ago in San Franciso).
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