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About Vicki | AnyMondayMorning--- Enjoying Life!

About Vicki

Welcome to anymondaymorning!

My Name is Vicki. It’s my only name that has always stuck around.  I have my family name, married name, web ID’s, work ID’s– and problbly some secret file ID somewhere.. but all of them have always contained “Vicki”.

Given all those name variations, It is probably no surprise to find out that I am old enough to realize I certainly do not have all the answers.. but still young enough to enjoy searching for them.  I have over twenty years of experience in management, from small to large groups– and have seen the very best, and some of the very worst, management styles.  I also am a daughter, sister, mother, wife (ex-wife!), and friend, with all the stops and steps you go through to reach each of those milestones.

You will find a wide choice of topics on this website.  The management topics mostly revolve around “how-to”, as well as “how-not-to” manage people.  Family, friends and life reflect more humor and insight, with a heavy emphasis on humor.  There is a basic truth in life: if you want to be happy and see all the possibilities around you, you must have that all important sense of humor.  Life can be pretty entertaining as you stroll along its path, learning about and experiencing all those possibilities. But most of all.. the very best thing you can do is to pick any monday morning, and get up and find them.

Thank you for visiting my web page.. please leave a comment– and by all means, come back as often as you can.  You are always welcome!


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