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Hi! I'm Vicki, and I'm a writer and an author. I write articles, blogs and author e-books both my own and as a ghostwriter. I'm a regular contributor to Squidoo (under VickiLeesBookshelf), and currently feature my own books on this blog site. I have over 20 years of management experience, which I'm currently incorporating into a professional series of books for first-time managers and supervisors, as well as working on my first fiction series ( mystery, set about 150 years ago in San Franciso).

On Finding Entertainment– Even at the Gym!

TweetDid you know that 43.4 million Americans have a gym membership?  That’s 43.4 million people in this country who prefer to pay money to work out in a gym, rather than exercise outside for free.  I think about this point … Continue reading

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Journey to a Writing Career

TweetHi! Instead of posting a life observation or management “how-to”, I thought this time around I would try a little free-hand posting, so to speak.    It’s been such an roller coaster ride, to set up all the steps needed … Continue reading

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